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The durian fruit is often slightly oval in shape, roughly a foot across, and covered with intimidating-looking spikes.
order durian online in Singapore is one of the most expensive fruits due to the difficulty of cultivating it - aside from being dead when it falls, it requires especially certain soil components. Its otherworldly beauty, however, is overshadowed by another of its characteristics: the scent.


Despite its unpleasant odour, durian is a highly nutritious fruit, even more so than many other fruits. Durian,
which is high in iron, vitamin C, and potassium boosts muscle strength, improves skin health, and even decreases
blood pressure.


Furthermore, one tiny order durian online in Singapore contains 23g of dietary fibre, which accounts for practically all of your daily
nutritional requirements. However, it is vital not to overdo them, as Malaysian lawmaker Ahmad Lai Bujang was
admitted to the hospital in 2010 after overindulging in durian and complaining of shortness of breath and


The fruit undergoes enormous changes in a relatively short period of time. It is almost considered a vegetable when
picked early because the flesh is firm, easy to handle, and bitter rather than sweet. People who get Durian Online
Singapore wants the fruit to be overripe when the citrus and sweet flavours are more prominent. The fruit, on the
other hand, gets more sloppy at this point, with a consistency similar to sour cream.


Order Durian Online In Singapore is known as the "King of Fruit" in Southeast Asia, either because of its size (the fruit can weigh up to 7 pounds) or because of its flavor. Durians have a strong, unpleasant odor that penetrates the outer shell and stays long after the fruit has been removed.


Due to their conflicting flavours, the Chinese regard order durian online in Singapore and mangosteen as the king and queen of fruits. The durian is 'warming' due to its strong aroma and rich consistency, whereas the mangosteen is 'cooling' due to its juicy meat and slightly acidic flavor.